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We specialize in fishing fashion for men & women, quality apparel, and large quantity clothing accessories . We provide company logos on shirts, hats and bags for all your custom Embroidery / Screenprinting needs.

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Welcome to Tease Me Ocean Fishing Apparel at its best! At we're here to help you express to the the world your love and passion for the ocean with our ocean and fishing shirts, t-shirts, headwear, outerwear, rashguards, accessories and even Carribean hot sauces and seasonings. Come on in and live the Tease Me experience. You won't regret it! Find fishing t-shirts, apparel, hoodies, headwear and rashguards that are both stylish and comfortable for men and women of every taste, preference, or need with our exciting styles of fishing apparel. Whether you’re a deep ocean fishing fan, or just love the ocean, our original fishing inspired designs on our t-shirts, hoodies, headwear and rashguards will have heads turning. Our designs offer a new take on traditional fishing apparel and brings Offshore Apparel unique designs to life in a truly eye catching way. We offer a wide variety of embroidery options to businesses for corporate bradning and maximizing exposure! Check out our embroidery store today.


Choose from our wide selection of Tease Me accessories: Awesome decals, sunglass straps, can & bottle koozies, women's panties, and a number of amazing items that will leave you thirsty for more. We welcome you to step into our Tease Me world. The amount of different items that are apart of our selection is for your particular needs. Our out of this world Carribean hot sauces, seasonings and rubs are featured at 5 star restaurants and BBQ trucks across the Midwest and Southeast of these United States. We are entering a national campaign and will be seen on the West Coast very soon. You will know what flavor is all about once you try our Tease Me line of food produtcs. We love to see happy customers so keep scrolling for more!

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One way we fulfill our mission is with a focus that few other companies offer today. Embroidered apparel is much of we do. We We focus on logo embroidered apparel because it is what we know and what we are really good at doing. No embroidered item leaves our shop until it passes our stringent inspection process.

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We have over 15 years of corporate embroidery experience with a dozen of other specialties.

As specialists, we as a business do what few embroidery companies accomplish daily.

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